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This is the online home of The Groom Room.  We are located in Pocatello, Idaho.  A small family shop, we cater to what our customers want, not what everyone else does.  We consider ourselves professionals..and will treat our customers as such. 

Showing, raising and now judging dogs along with grooming them...we live our business.

Located at 215-B W. Maple.  You can contact as at 208-478-2065. 

Thankyou for visiting us ...look further, hopefully you will like what you see.

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Who Are We    

Hi, my name is Sharon Jacobsen, and with my husband Bob we own and operate The Groom

Room.  We have been opened since April 4 2007.  Having the shop off of the main road of Yellowstone by one block with a park acroos the street and plenty of up to the door parking makes it a great place quiet place that is easy to get to and easy for everyone to get in the door. 

We do dogs up to 45 pounds...we do also have another groomer that does dogs up to 60 pounds.  We do all appointments, (or mostly all), by appointment only.  Most people will make their appointments when they pick up their that way they know they will get in. 

We do all trims...any length,,,that you want...we try to make your dog look either they way they are to look or they way you want them to look.  Our motto is "If your dog is not becoming to YOU...IT should be coming to US". 

Should give us a try...probably one of your neighbors have already....








We start with the bath.  Non detergent shampoos.  Special if needed.  Anal glands.  Conditioners if needed. 


Using the wonder dryer..very high velosity..we blow dry the kids.  For those that cannot do this (older dogs or young ones) we cage dry with a non heat dryer.



Now to my table to have the clip of your choice put on your fur kid.  Along with nails, ears cleaned, a check on teeth and a quick look over to make sure all is right with your little buddy.

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The Groom Room

215-B W. Maple

across from Maple Sit and Sleep

Pocatello,Idaho 83202





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